6023 Nameplate  King Edward II Project  6023 Nameplate

       The restoration of a single chimney Great Western Railway King locomotive from scrap yard condition

Site last updated 18/01/2015

King Edward II is a Great Western Railway (GWR) heavy express steam locomotive, one of only three surviving members of this class of loco. Introduced in the 1920s for taking express trains over the steep gradients (banks) of South Devon, the Kings were withdrawn in the early 1960s as diesel locomotives replaced them. King Edward II (a.k.a. 6023) spent many years rotting at Barry Scrapyard, and had her rear driving wheels cut through with an oxy-acetylene torch after a shunting accident. This site tells the long story of her restoration...

See NEWS :  6023 is currently undergoing major work on her rear driver springs and draughting arrangements, as her reduction in height to 13'5" appears to have had a critical effect on the chimney and the amount of suck it has on her fire. Much work is continuing on the required electronic monitoring and communication systems for main line use.

King of the Snows - Picture by Duncan Langtree

Photograph with kind permission of Duncan Langtree

Through June & July 2011, 6023 was based at Dereham on the Mid-Norfolk Railway for running-in, including their Steam Gala weekend of the 16th-17th July 2011

6023 with a train in Dereham

Photo by Richard Varley

6023 was in steam publicly for the first time on 2nd & 3rd APRIL 2011 at Didcot Railway Centre.

6023 leaving shed, 75% cut-off                            Photo from HD video by Richard Varley

6023 in front of the crowds at didcot                                Photo by Richard Varley

See Trial & Launch link for many more pictures of our (largely) completed work...

Comparison of two shots of 6023, one in 1950's                                Colour Photo by Phil Neale

All a long way from this...Oil Painting of 6023 rotting at Barry Scrapyard

Oil Painting by Richard Varley